Due to protect developers and authors, GNU GPL license declared that there is no any warranty on any feature
. Developers and users should use versioning for GNU GPL software, to prevent original authors and developers from additional bugs due to post code changing.

Payed installation

Payed installation of FreeLAB includes remote deploying of FreeLAB virtual image on customer site including basic configuration. Basic configuration includes users settings, SMTP mail (allow FreeLAB to send emails, optional), Active Directory authentificaton (LDAP, optional) and configuration of feeds for periodic import of data from supported laboratory software. Price for basic remote deploying is fixed 1600 € without VAT and include ~ 2 days of work . If you need official offer or customized installation (custom software, special features), do not hesitate to contact us.

Payed support

We are providing payed support via remote networks tool. Payed support is a diagnostic, repair or modification of code in FreeLAB application. Service is providing via remote access. We can offer licensed TeamViewer access or use customer's VPN access. Service engineer requests administration access to application FreeLAB. If it is neccessary, we will ask you for FreeLAB database and Linux root permissions user credentials in advance.


FreeLAB can be modified and extended in various ways. Customization is provided as payed support. Customer should specify requested features and consult solution with application engineer via email or videocall. Application enginneer provides specific offer for deploying customization. After customer acceptation (official order), application engineer prepares feature and uploads it to customer site for final customer testing. After success, application engineer sends invoice based on real programming time. Price in the offer is final, if there is no any major changes in requested features during development.

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