How to set static IP address for Linux

Settings of IntraLAB IP address (Virtual Machine only)

IP address settings of IntraLAB can be change in the same way as most of debian linux systems. Run virtual machine and open console view. You should see a command line in Linux world named "shell"

log in as initial user:

Login: intralab

Password: intralab

now you should log in as root user. Root is the highest administrator of the linux os, type:

su root

fill the initial root password:


now, open the LAN configuration in nano text editor:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

If you can see ens33 network card is set as "dhcp". If you want static address, just comment (use #) line "iface ens33 inet dhcp" and uncomment 4 lines below. Set appropriate static IP address. Reboot with sudo reboot.


In case of issues, check your network configuration with command sudo ifconfig -a. This commnad should show you enabled network cards and id's together with MAC address if you want to reserve static address from DHCP server for you IntraLAB installation. Change the network card ens33 in example to specific which is listed in configuration.

               !!!Do not forget to change your default password for root and intralab users. Use commands below!!!

sudo passwd root
sudo passwd intralab