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Application FreeLAB is primarilly distributed as virtual image of Linux distribution Debian. Image includes web server Apache+MySQL together with preconfigured FreeLAB installation. Simply run virtual image under one of your favorite virtual emulator and login in to the application via web browser. For real installation we recommend to configure static IP address. You can find step by step tutorial here. Basic configuration and features are described in Help, which is part of the software.

FreeLAB is distributed under GNU GPL license and it is not licensed for any purpose of use.  There is no warranty on any feature, see GNU GPL license conditions for more informations.

Payed installation

Payed installation of FreeLAB includes remote deploying of FreeLAB virtual image on customer site including basic configuration. Basic configuration includes users settings, SMTP mail (allow FreeLAB to send emails, optional), Active Directory authentificaton (LDAP, optional) and configuration of feeds for periodic import of data from supported laboratory software. Price for basic remote deploying is fixed 1600 € without VAT and include ~ 2 days of work . If you need official offer or customized installation (custom software, special features), do not hesitate to contact us.

Hardware requirements

1x 2.33 + GHz Core


LAN 100 MBit+

You can run image on Windows/Linux/Mac systems using virtual emulator on standalone PC or use server with virtual environment as Hyper-V or VMWare.







Virtual image (Debian OS + FreeLAB)

FreeLAB 1.0 20191210 Download

Source code FreeLAB

FreeLAB 1.0 20191210 Download

Quick Guide - installation, configuration

FreeLAB 1.0 20191212 Odkaz


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